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Alpha Traders ACADEMY

Our courses begin with the basics of "investing" in the securities markets, and progresses to advanced "trading" techniques and strategies using stocks, stock index futures, options, and Portfolio Risk Hedging Techniques.

Our Founder/Instructor has an engineering degree and believes in applying the "KISS" (keep-it-simple-stupid) principle whenever practical. The fewest moving parts in any system works best. He has been trading since 1983, beginning as a stock broker, and has seen every market since then. 

That said, psychology is probably more important than science when investing, and certainly trading. Alpha's courses will teach the "Art & Science" of investing and trading. Why, because things change and evolve. It's said by very smart people: "The four most dangerous words in investing and trading are "It's different this time."

Bruce Lee, arguably the best fighter pound-for-pound of all time, certainly in his day, said, "Empty your mind, be like water. Put water in a cup, it becomes the cup. Put water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Be water my friend." This is certainly relevant for investors, and ever more so for traders.

Nearly everyone should be investing in the stock market, but very few people should be trading Options and Futures. That said, why is Alpha Traders Academy also teaching these other higher-risk/reward course subjects? The answer is five-fold:

  • Some people are attracted to high-risk trading areas in hopes of making huge profits! In reality most people will find these high-risk areas usually lead to huge losses. Therefore, getting as much knowledge and simulated (paper money) practice as possible can save a lot of money and stress.
  • Also, some exposure to, or at least an understanding of, highly-leveraged, high-risk trading instruments may be very beneficial to "portfolio-risk-management." Plus, if you master these courses you'll be less likely to fall prey to get-rich-quick scammers selling hype. Don't buy hype, it's too expensive. Getting rich is certainly possible, but it's a slower process than those scammers say. 
  • Knowledge in the above scenario can be the source of power to say no to scammers, and get the experience to successfully trade on your own! You should only open accounts with large reputable companies like TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, TradeStation, E-Trade, etc... We feel TD Ameritrade is the best because of their trading platform "thinkorswim," with TradeStation as a close second. 
  • Learning how to hedge portfolio risk, and even supercharge overall profits is something every investor should at least investigate. This is very difficult, but it can be accomplished with stock options and index futures. Again, learn how, and then practice relentlessly with paper money.
  • If you are currently trading, or plan to trade these derivatives, we can help you succeed. Learn how to "Train your Brain" for using intuition to your advantage, with journals, which takes time.
  • One of the most beneficial investing/trading courses we offer is "Hedging & Supercharging Stock Portfolios" using S&P 500 futures and options to protect and enhance (supercharge) your stock portfolio returns. This course should be studied by every serious trader.

We Trade Stock Index Futures Every Day...

This gives us critical insights into what the market is doing, and why. Our goal is to capture 1% profits per day, by trading the E-mini S&P 500 Index Futures contract. If you desire to day-trade, this is better than day-trading stocks because of the 90%+ interest free leverage. This leverage is can also break you!

Seventy percent (70%) of a stock's price move will often come from broad market moves.  Also, from time-to-time we trade other derivatives such as US Treasury futures, Oil, Gold, and foreign currency pairs, or Forex. These markets may have an impact our stock market at times, therefore keeping an eye on them might benefit you.

Additionally, one can make, or lose, a fortune in any investment! In fact, draw-downs of 10, 25 and even 50% will happen over time. Even the great Warren Buffet has experienced several 50%+ draw-downs in his career. It happens to even the best!

Our goal is to help you understand the risks so you can protect and grow your capital. Therefore, if you are set on trading (gambling) in futures, options, Forex or cryptocurrencies, you landed on the right website.

Minimizing those inherent risks while compounding profits is paramount. Get as much knowledge as possible, and then improve your skills with practice... practice... practice...

But, we will also teach the simplest, and most effective investing strategy, requiring the least amount of effort, with the best long-term risk/reward return, that everyone should be doing.

Versus Investing for the Long-Term

Nearly everyone preaches "Buy and Hold" stock market investing, and for good reasons... 

  • It takes special skills to trade in and out of the market short-term, especially for stock day-traders which is now highly regulated and requires far more capital than in years past.
  • Short-term, or swing-trading requires more knowledge and effort than investing to be successful.
  • The list of billionaires who trade short-term can likely be counted on your hands vs a ton who buy and hold for the long-term. Our courses will teach the pros & cons of trading AND buy-and-hold strategies.

Example of a very good buy and hold stock investment: Let's say one invested $20,000 in McDonalds in June 1983. At that time McDonalds was trading at an average pre-split price of $1.20 and paying a dividend of $0.037 for a yield of 3%. Forty years later, on June 2, 2023, that $20,000, and the 16,667 post split shares, would be worth $4,835,000 with an annual dividend paying 2.1%, or $101,500. Those figures don't even consider the potential growth and income if the dividends were reinvested every year. WOW!

McDonalds would have been an easy choice to make because it had done so well in the prior decades, and it was pretty much recession and technology resistant. McDonalds is great example, but certainly not the best. There are several other companies that would have been even better.

Of course, there have also been been big-time "buy and hold" losers, such as, Polaroid and Kodak. Both of these companies went out of business after a century in business for Kodak, and 70 years for Polaroid. Both of these companies were leaders in their fields and made a ton of money for their early investors. You must pay attention to technology shifts.

Lesson: Long-term investors must pay attention and be diversified...

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

Our courses will teach you everything you need to know to "Survive & Thrive" in your marketable securities wealth building strategy. Even seasoned professionals will glean a number of improved techniques and trading tools. Professionals will also find using Alpha Traders Academy courses perfect for teaching their new recruits, and as "Continuing Education" courses, or refreshers, for their existing employees.  

benefit 1: Lifetime access

Lifetime access to simple yet extensive training for each course category. Each lesson will begin with a basic overview and will go step-by-step to more advanced training. We also use videos extensively.

These lessons will be taught by an instructor with more than 40 years of experience who has seen every market imaginable. The good, the bad and the ugly!

More experienced investors and traders can skip the basics and go straight to their lesson choices.  

benefit 2: Extensive yet easy

Each course will also teach you how to use great tools from 3rd party providers that provide additional extensive content and data to help you master each area of trading.

Some of these 3rd party providers charge for their services and some are free.

We show you how to access them in the "Free Academy" navigation menu above and the best ways to use them in our "Premium" Alpha Courses.

benefit 3: Save time & money

The Number 1 Benefit you will receive from Alpha Traders Academy courses is the time and money you'll save in learning from us versus learning on your own, or even worse, learning from incompetent teachers.

This is important... there are tons of hustlers in every industry that will separate you from your hard earned money and give you an inferior product in return.

How do you know who's good and who's bad. Run from hype, and use your intuition. Another way is to see if they have free info and if it's valuable. We do and it is!

Alpha Traders Academy Course & Price Information

Course Information... Course Curriculum... Pricing... Save 75% during our "Pre-Launch" Bundled Discount to just $98 vs our Post-Launch Bundled Discount of Four Courses for $398. Each course is priced at $199, so our bundled discounts are a smart deal.

Our Founders' $98 "Pre-Launch" Discount is limited to the 1st 500 enrollments, or when the the 1st Course is completed (estimated January 2024). Once the 2nd Course is completed the "Pre-Completion" Bundled Discounted price will be $199 until the 4th course is completed when the Bundled Discount Price will increase to $398. Four courses for the price of two! Additional benefits will include a weekly free stock market newsletter for two years.

We charge a small course fee instead of having having ads because we feel a constant barrage of annoying interruptions, or distractions, would hinder your focus, or concentration, on learning these important subjects. Our major competitors charge thousands more for less extensive course material. NOTE: You only need 2 to 8 Emini points @ $50/point to pay the $98 to $398.

By enrolling today you will have "immediate access" to the course lessons while they are being created...

Single Course price $199, or all four for the price of two $398.  Pre-launch Special $98

Stocks, ETFs & Mutual Funds Investing Course including Technical Analysis

In this course you will learn about investing and trading Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and ETFs.

You will learn fundamental and technical analysis to build investment portfolios for income, growth, aggressive growth, or a balance of income and growth.

We'll help you identify your investment objectives and risk tolerance to keep you on track. You will learn how to create wealth, and how to protect it.

No annoying ads... just valuable content!

Stock Index Futures Trading Course including Technical Analysis

This course teaches everything about trading index futures contracts, specifically the S&P 500 Emini stock index futures contract. All our courses teach advanced Technical Analysis.

Learning how to trade stock index futures may also benefit you greatly in both rising and declining markets, and to hedge your stock portfolio against broad market declines.

We believe using stock index futures and options are a great way to hedge stock portfolio risk. See our hedging course.

No annoying ads... just valuable content!

Single Course price $199, or all four for the price of two $398.  "Pre-launch" Special $98

Basic & Advanced Options Trading Course including Technical Analysis

Buying options is like swinging for the fences every at bat. You're going to strike out a lot, so you will need a few home runs, and grand slams to stay in the game and make money.

We feel speculating in trading options requires a great deal of knowledge and skills to make money. If you plan to trade options, learn everything you can.

Most "option buyers" lose. We prefer selling short. This requires even more skills which we cover in the advanced lessons.

No annoying ads... just valuable content!

Hedging Portfolio Risk Course including Technical Analysis

In this course we will teach you how to hedge downside risk in typical stock portfolios. These portfolio hedging strategies may or may not provide a 100% hedge. It's wise not to hedge 100%

Once portfolio hedging instruments are put into place if the stock market rises, the hedging instruments will likely decline in value. Conversely, if the stock market declines, the hedging instruments will likely rise in value... hence the hedge.

This is strategy is not not complicated, but success is difficult...

No annoying ads... just valuable content!

Pre-launch Discount $98 - Save $300

Four Course Pre-launch Special: Save $300 or 75% -- $98 vs $398 for the 1st 500 enrollees "OR" until we launch our 1st of 4 courses which is estimated to be late January 2024.

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  • 4/2024 - Portfolio Risk Hedging Course

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It will take some time to create the large amounts of content for this planned website from the free information to the Premium Course Lessons. 

This extensive content will include text, videos and blogs. Some content will not need any periodic updating and some will. To get an idea of what's coming we have built the Navigation Menu skeleton above with blank pages that will be completed over the next several months. 

We hope this website will provide the tools you need to help increase, and protect, your wealth!

We will only send you updates as each Premium Course opens whether you have taken advantage of our huge 80% Pre-Launch Bundled Discount, or you will be waiting until all our courses are completed. The same applies to our Blogs/Newsletters.

We don't like it when we get blasted with unwanted emails and we have no intention of doing that to you!

Also, we will never share or sell your email address!

AlphaTradersAcademy Blog/Newsletter Information

Free Blog (ETA February 2024) & Premium Newsletters (ETA May 2024)

AlphaTradersAcademy FREE Stock Market Recap/Opinion Blog each Saturday will focus on the broad market, and specifically the S&P 500 Index trading range for previous Monday through Friday. Also, we'll discuss how it compares with the previous weeks, and our opinion of the future stock market direction. We respect your time, so we plan to keep these Blogs brief.

In the future, after all our courses have been launched, we plan to publish the following two (2) weekly newsletters:

  1. Stocks & Stock Market Investing and Trading Newsletter @ $19 per month... This premium weekly newsletter will include "What to Buy," "When to Buy," "When to Sell," and how to build investment portfolios. It will also expand on the limited information in our FREE Alpha Market Opinion Blog with additional details on what we believe will be the best short, intermediate and long-term trading trading strategies for the Emini and Micro Emini S&P 500 Futures Contract. 
  2. Forex, Commodities, Financial Futures, and Crypto Currencies Newsletter @ $19 per month... Both @ $29/month. This premium newsletter will begin after the success of the above, and when we staff up. It will provide a weekly summary, each Saturday, of these various trading instruments. We will provide price charts and give our opinions on where they are likely to trade in the future. The most popular Financial Futures, Forex, Commodities, and Crypto will be covered each week. This publication is meant for educational purposes only, and not trading advice. Some of the most important trading instruments covered each week will be: US Treasury Futures, Oil Futures, Gold Futures, Soybean futures, Corn futures, Wheat futures, Forex pairs including; EUR/USD (Euro/US dollar), USD/JPY (US dollar/Japanese Yen), GBP/USD (British pound/US dollar), USD/CAD (US dollar/Canadian dollar), Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few others. Other derivatives may also be covered from time to time. 
  • Note: These publications are for educational purposes only and not intended to be used in one's trading. We don't know each of our subscribers risk tolerance and/or their suitability for trading the information in our newsletters. Therefore, we are not responsible for anyone using our educational information to do real trades, resulting in losses, i.e., swim at your own risk and consult with your personal financial advisor!  Refer to our "Terms & Conditions" 
  • Expected Launch Dates: TBD

Everyone loves winning and making money, but we all hate losing. If the fear of losing money has kept you from investing and/or trading "this is the website for you!"

Losses are normal and expected, otherwise you may as well put your money in the bank at 1% and be guaranteed you'll lose to inflation. With trading there can be small to large winners, along with small to large losers. Get rid of the large losers and you'll greatly increase your chances of success...

Add to that winning edge a high win ratio, plus the awesome power of compounding over time, and your standard of living and wealth will improve tremendously. Get started ASAP!

We've been doing this since 1983, and have seen many examples of this from Warren Buffett to brand new investors. Learning these skills and the psychology of trading can change your life!

Which of these are more Painful for you?

1. Losing money in the market OR not being invested when the market is going up and missing profits while others are making money? In other words, the "Fear Of Missing Out," or FOMO.

2. Tired of watching your profits disappear, or worse yet, profits turning into loses? 

3. You feel certain the market will fall, but you don't want to pay taxes on your capital gains. Also, what if you're wrong and the market continues going up... which it has done for over 100 years! 

4. These are common concerns for new, and even professional investors.

We'll show you how you can hedge these situations for greater profits!

Learn How to Make Your Own Investment Decisions

What to Buy... When to Buy... When to Sell...

In addition to learning how, when and why to take an investment/trading stock position, we'll teach you how to evaluate the daily, weekly and even monthly charts to get a longer-term perspective on the stock market and even the economy. The stock market is an extraordinary long-term wealth building investment vehicle. It has many advantages over other investments that are less liquid with significantly higher transaction costs. More on those other types later...

Stock market declines can destroy portfolios in a few months that market rallies took years to build. Have markets always come back? Yes, but there are techniques and strategies to avoid a percentage of these needless portfolio losses. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, and sometimes they work wonders. Again, it's all about probabilities. 

  • Markets typically fall faster than they rise... Therefore, if you know how, and when, to take a short position, you'll be able to make money when others are losing. If shorting is a new term to you, don't worry we'll explain everything in great detail and you'll discover just how simple taking a short trading, and/or hedging, position can be.  
  • Tired of watching profits disappear or worse yet they turn into losses? We'll show you how to protect your portfolios against market declines (hedging), and even how to profit from those declines (shorting). Losses are painful, but if managed properly they are simply a byproduct of doing business in the stock market.
  • Systematic trading can produce small winners, small losers, big winners and big losers. Just get rid of the big losers and the little winners will take care of the little losers... leaving you with the big winners! Compounding these profits over the long-term can lead to great wealth. Start now!
  • OPTIONS, FUTURES, FOREX & CRYPTO: If you are just starting out, these 'trading" instruments can really hurt you financially, and therefore we suggest you focus on making a living in your job and investing in stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds. This might not sound exciting, but it will likely be more rewarding and less stressful.
  • Your next question might be... Then why will Alpha Traders Academy teach Options, Futures, Forex and Crypto Currency trading if they can hurt you financially? Answer: 1. Because many investors will, or are, trading one or more of these (as we do) and could benefit from our experience and knowledge. 2. The best method to hedge stock portfolios against downside risk is stock index futures. It's faster, easier, cheaper and has built in tax benefits that no one else seems to be willing, or knowledgeable to teach.
  • With any kind of high risk, high volatility, derivatives trading, it's all about RISK versus potential REWARD... with more reward potential comes more risk potential! 

NOTE: Professional investment advisors and money managers can use these courses to train their new recruits.

Everyone can get rich slow, but only a small fraction can get rich quick, and most likely they will have an inside tract to a private investment or startup. Don't be fooled by scammers and hustlers! There are no secret strategies or algorithms.

Knowledge, skill development, hard work, discipline, and time are the only real paths to wealth building success!

Building wealth is Simple and Easy...

Your Mission is to Increase Your Wealth

Our Mission is to Help You Succeed

Investing and trading is not "Rocket Science" or "Brain Surgery." It's straight forward RULES and SKILLS that anyone can master. Learning and improving your investing analysis and trading skills is the secret to success. We love helping anyone improve their investing analysis and trading skills to become an Alpha Trader!

Do You Have Clear Rules?

Do You Follow Them?

The absolute Number 1 requirement to be successful in BUILDING & PROTECTING your WEALTH is to follow a proven set of investing and trading rules. Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and every other superstar follows a proven set of rules, and requires their assistants to do the same. Want to be the best you can be? Make solid rules & follow them!

Alpha Rules plus Skills = Success = Profits = Wealth = Freedom! 

List your email below to receive an extensive set of rules for investing, trading and hedging. These rules are broken down into "Investing" in stocks & funds along with separate rules for "Trading" stocks, options & futures. The only purpose of this form is to send you our "Alpha" Trader Rules PDF. Everyone will benefit from these Trading Rules!

Other email forms will to used for other purposes. Also, we will never share or sell your information!

Request our 35 Alpha Trading Rules. 

They will help anyone improve their performance!

David with Newt Gingrich in 2012 

About David W. Burdick

In 1977 David began his financial services career with SunTrust Banks of Florida. In early 1983 he approved a commercial real estate development loan to a limited partnership group headed by a Vice President with Dean Witter Securities. Not surprisingly, he then left banking to begin his securities career with Dean Witter reaching the level of Vice President in retail financial services and securities brokerage.

Prior to the above he started a small manufacturing firm while a senior at the University of Central Florida studying for his electronic engineering degree. All of this training and experience was instrumental in his mastery of both fundamental and technical analysis of the markets. He has developed several trading algorithms and found the best of them were also the simplest.

While a broker he held nearly every securities, options and futures licences, including the Series 3, 4, 6, 7 & 63 along with the license required to trade foreign currencies that have essentially been replaced with Forex. David chose to focus on and master short-term trading of stock index futures and options which requires a great degree of price charting and technical analysis.

He eventually left the securities industry for commercial real estate development. The 2008 real estate crisis was not kind to him and he was reminded of the devastating combination of high leverage and zero liquidity... more reasons to love trading the stock market and Emini S&P 500 stock index futures which has near instant liquidity 99.9% of the time, and low transaction costs.

In contrast to investing in real estate with borrowed bank money, the Emini S & P 500 stock Index Futures have a zero interest expense on leverage of roughly 90% and are highly liquid. Plus, the Emini 500 is excellent to use for hedging stock portfolio risk and supercharging portfolio returns.

Futures contract trading also enjoys unique and beneficial income tax advantages no matter the holding period, along with simple one page trade accounting. Near zero commissions with zero interest on trading leverage, AND short-term tax advantages... 

What's not to love about Emini S&P 500 futures trading?

IN SUMMARY: Economics, politics, trading, spiritual matters and teaching are David's passions. He is the father of three grown children and a past founder of several small businesses in manufacturing, construction and financial services industries.

Here’s what Long-Time Friends are saying about David

Although this is the first organized teaching course David has created, he has a history of teaching subjects he is passionate about. Those areas include finance, investing, trading, economics, real estate, construction and most importantly the Bible. 

The following testimonials are by David's long-time friends and business associates. They are very familiar with his passion about investing and trading, but they will focus mainly on his character. Each of these three friends have worked closely with David in either financial services, small business, real estate development or commercial construction. 

Don French began his securities industry career with David in 1983 as a stock broker with Dean Witter Reynolds which merged with Morgan Stanley. He also enlisted David's help in forming an investment services division of a major southeastern commercial bank in 1993.

Don French

Commercial R/E Investor,

Entrepreneur, Associate

& 40 Year Friend

I have known David since July 1983, when we were hired for the Dean Witter Reynolds stock brokerage training program in Orlando, Florida.

We roomed together for the first year and became best friends even though we went in different directions over the years.

Both of us eventually left the commission based brokerage industry to pursue other business ventures.

David is usually the first person I call when I need an answer to a problem because of his diverse knowledge and experience.  

I trust his judgement, but mostly I trust him. David is the most honest person I've ever met. I'm highly confident this will be an excellent high-value service.

Raymond Jordan

Commercial R/E Investor,

Commercial Contractor

& 19 Year Friend

I met David through my previous R/E partner, Don French. In 2004, David joined Don French and me to help in developing commercial real estate in Texas for our own portfolio.

David joined my church soon after moving to Texas with his three small children. He and his children became valued friends with my family right off.

Even though he moved away in 2011 we remain great friends and I still value his opinions on many subjects.

I respect David a great deal, and like Don French said, his integrity is the best. I really enjoy talking with David about investments, business and especially the bible and our Lord.

Jerry Free

Commercial R/E Investor,

Commercial Contractor

& 16 Year Friend

David knows how to do so many things from stocks, futures and real estate investments to commercial construction and real estate development.

I met David 2007 on a large 600 acre master planned community development in Texas. He was the Project Manager representing investors from New York City. My company had won the sealed bid to complete construction of the first phase.

The investors out of NYC were pretty sketchy so without David's help in getting cost over-runs paid fairly my company might have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He went to the mat for us and never asked for anything in return. I consider him family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have any knowledge or experience? 

Will you show me how to set up my trading account? 

How long will the deep discounts last, and if I start out with just one course can I get the Bundle Discount later or does that have an expiration date also?

I'm thinking about a career in financial services. Will these courses help me in any way?

What improvements will be made to this new website? 

Is there a money back guarantee and are there limitations?

A Personal Note:

Mastering the markets is the second best thing one could do as a career endeavor, second only to showing others how to master these trading methods and strategies. Often times the best way to take one's understanding to the highest level is to teach others how to master a specialized discipline, like stock market investing and index futures trading, i.e., teaching IS also a great way to master learning!  

Alpha Trading Academy teaches foundational investing and portfolio building strategies using Mutual Funds, ETFs and individual Stocks. Once you learn these foundational wealth building strategies, learning how to protect your wealth becomes just as important. With that in mind we also teach using stock index futures, and options to hedge downside risk, and supercharge upside profits. See our premium Hedging Course for details. 

We believe the most effective way to hedge portfolio risk and also increase total returns is to use stock index futures contracts. If you are new to futures trading you will find it to be really quite simple. We focus on trading the S&P 500 Emini Futures contract because it has so many benefits that we teach in detail in our "Stock Index Futures Trading Course." Here is a brief summary of these benefits: 

  • Stock index futures have many benefits, and is very easy to learn. In fact, we feel it is easier to learn and implement than following, and trading, thousands of stocks. Why? Because there are basically three stock index futures to follow, and they usually move in tandem with close correlation.
  • Another great benefit to using stock index futures is the capital gains taxes and accounting are more favorable. They have many other benefits compared to just selling positions or using options to hedge risk.
  • Once you learn to succeed in using stock index futures to hedge you portfolios you may also want to speculate in trading for both market rallies and declines. Don't worry if this is new to you and maybe a little scary, we'll explain everything and great detail and show you the good, the bad and the ugly.  
  • Until recently, I advised against the average investor learning how to trade stock index futures because of the high risks involved. On May 26, 2019 the Chicago Mercantile Exchange made it far easier for anyone to test the waters of highly leveraged stock index futures trading. As soon as you master the "Micro" move to the larger "Emini" because the commissions will be less impactful to bottom-line profits.
  • This new "Micro" E-mini S&P 500 Futures Contract is a game changer for investors wanting to expand their abilities to compound short-term trading profits. The Micro E-mini 500 has just 1/10th the trading risk as the larger E-mini 500 contracts. Profiting from market downturns are now available to anyone willing to invest in their education!
  • The benefits of learning to trade these futures contracts is not only the potential for profit compounding, but also the ability to hedge one's stock market portfolios against market declines and even economic recessions.
  • Also, there are awesome tax advantages and profit/loss reporting... making profit compounding and tax preparation far easier than other trading vehicles.

I hope you enjoy our courses, and they help you greatly increase your family's wealth over your lifetime!  

Eight Course Pre-launch Special: Save $300 or 75% - $98 vs $398 for the 1st 500 enrollees "OR" until we launch our 1st of 4 courses which is estimated to be late January 2024.

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