Time to Make Some Easy Money Helping Others Make Money?


Alpha Traders Academy Affiliate Program

We can either pay you to promote our investing/trading courses or pay online advertising companies. We feel paying you is a better and more effective choice. Follow the steps below to become an Alpha Affiliate. 

For a limited period of time we will pay our Affiliates 50% of our Course sales, which will range from $99 for the first 500 signups, and then either $199 for a single course, or $399 for an "All Nine Course Bundle." Again, you will be paid 50% of these course prices.

At a later date, once we are established, the Affiliate commission will be reduced to 30% on an average sale of $499. Every Affiliate signing up and generating paid referrals prior to that time will remain at the 50% commission rate.

  • We'll build and maintain the business and pay you 50% of revenues to promote sales. Again, "Make Some Easy Money Helping Others Make Money."
  • Because this is an investment/trading educational website there will be clients/students who will lose investment capital after taking our courses. Therefore, any affiliates promising profits or making money by taking these courses will be barred from being an affiliate of Alpha Traders Academy! 
  • What happens when Affiliates signup or register? The process of sharing affiliate links, reporting them to you, and getting paid will all be automated by our payment processor, ThriveCart, or manually by us.
  • Affiliate commission payments will be paid 30 days after sales are completed using the payment method of your choice of Venmo or PayPal. Email david@alphatradersacademy.com after your first sale with your payment information.
  • Click this link to signup: https://alphatradersacademy.thrivecart.com/pre-launch-founders-9-course-discount/partner/

Why I created these courses...

Retirement can be very boring, and this gives me an opportunity to share over fifty years of experience in small business creation, commercial banking, securities brokerage, and commodity trading advisory. I'm currently investing and/or trading in stocks, stock index futures and Forex.

I looked at tons of companies with investing/trading courses and found most were crap, and the good ones simply charged way too much for beginning and small investors. Why? Once the initial creation is done the on going costs are minimal. Later, we will also create a weekly trading newsletter.

I pray this helps all of our clients and Affiliates achieve their financial goals!