Thank You for Your Interest In Our Affiliate Program!

We can either pay you to promote our investing/trading courses or pay online advertising companies. We feel paying you is a better and more effective choice. We will reach out to you at the email address you gave when our Affiliate Program is ready and set-up. 

For a limited period of time we will pay our Affiliates 50% of our Course sales, which will range from $49 (times 50%) for the first 500 signups, and then either $199 (times 50%) for a single course, or $398 (times 50%) for an "All Nine Course Bundle." Again, you will be paid 50% of the course prices.

At a later date, once we are established, we believe the majority of our sales will be at $398 for the Nine (9) Course Bundle. For each of those $398 sales our affiliates would be paid:


Also at a later date, once we are established, the Affiliate commission will be reduced to 31.5%. Every Affiliate signing up now, and generating paid referrals prior to that time will remain at the 50% commission rate instead of the 31.5% for affiliates at that later date.

NOTE: Because we are an invest/trading education site affiliates are forbidden from promising any level of investment return success if students take our courses. Affiliates who break this rule will be barred.